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Mauve Pictures is a full service film production company based in Switzerland.

We are specialised in advertising, corporate, web series and art productions. 

Content creation & pre production

We work closely together with our clients and agencies to provide ideas and creative​ solutions to match the content needs with an

emotional charge. Including screenplays, storyboards, PPM (Pre Production Meeting) booklets, music composition samples, production design drafts, color concepts, wardrobe, styling and prop support. We take over location scouting, castings and pre production management. We carefully calculate a binding offer, to stay on a target budget.


Every film is a unique product. So we handle every production step with greatest care. We bring in state of the art directing,

cinematography and excellent line producing, to protect our creatives and make their visions come true. Our crew members are carefully selected artists and film technicians with great experiences and exeptional skills. We use the latest high end equipment technology

and sometimes custum made solutions to amaze our clients and the audience with a stunning experience. We choose production partners, manage actors, freelancers, equipment rentals, D.I.T. and data wrangler services, travels, transportations, caterings,

permissions, insurances, making of's, call sheets and last but not least humans.  

Post Production

Now it's time to give the footage some soul and uplift it to become a masterpiece. We take over editing, colorgrading, animation, compositing, sound design, music composition, the final soundmix and top quality mastering for broadcast TV, cinema and web standards. Our state of the art editorial and colorgrading suite let you watch the content on the big screen. We work closely together with our trusted production partners to provide top creativity and technical perfection.

Colorgrading Ost.jpg


Every picture needs it's own manual treatment to come alive and match the emotional intent of the directors vision.

Colorgrading is art and science in a percisely balanced manner. 

Let our experienced colorist take influence of your shots. Trust us. You will never be disappointed. More than words!


Camera (RAW / LOG)

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Golf Ohne Grading.0000767.jpg


TV Standard (Rec 709)

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Inside ohne.jpg
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Margrethenberg mit.jpg

Rent a production crew

Looking for a professional and very experienced crew? Let us know. You don't have to worry about renting equipment and hiring crew members. We provide you with an all in one package to bring your vision to life. Contact us. We offer you a very competitive price. 

All from one source!

Mauve Equipment

On set, time is money and efficiency is the key. Our equipment is carefully packed on custom made set carts and cases to avoid damages and keep it everywhere handy. This way, we maintain maximum flexibility and working speed.