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 Our story
A workbook of selected events
Mauve Pictures behind the scenes 

Sept. 2023 - Jan. 2024

After 10 years Mauve Pictures we are updating.

Not only our own thinking, wich means a break down in a lot of established stuctures. 

This action marks also a new start into the wild of unexplored fields.

Stay tuned.

We will be back on track soon!

March. 16. - April 13. 2023

New economy perception movie in the pipeline.

After extensive research, 

brainstormings, concept & storyboarding work

we are finally ready for client presentation.

Labtop Last.jpg
Core Collage mit Textunschärfen_edited.j
March. 9. 2023

Client meeting at a very special place

Core Making of Konzept.jpg
March. 1. 2023

Shooting Branded Content

Client: Makk AG (Metal processing)

Agency: Localmedia

Feb. 12. 2023

Location scouting

for an upcoming project

Bahnbrücke from Da Vinci_1.4.1.jpg
Bridge 2 ohne Blau Reduktion Helikeitsmasken.jpg
Wasser mit.jpg
My Way.jpg
Jan. 9. 2023

Award unboxing.

Paket Trophy.jpg
Trophy Kiste Hexenscheit.jpg
Trophy Hexenscheit.jpg
Jan. 3. 2023

Out now. Our new image movie:

Schulthess Klinik "Radiologie".

(Version 2 for patients)

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