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A workbook of selected events
Mauve Pictures behind the scenes 

Dec. 20. 2020

Festival Winner!

 Best Music Video / Honorable Mention.

Music Video "Settle Down"

 At annual Hollywood independent Filmmaker Awards 2020

Jurors note: "Beautiful Cinematography."

Settle Down 4 K still Laurels 1.jpg
Dec.15. 2020

Out now. Art Portrait:

"Bergell vis à vis"

About the legendary artist Werner Schmidt and his connection to Alberto Ciacometti.

Dec. 6. - 9. 2020

Postproduction Art Portrait:

"Bergell vis à vis"

For the legendary Swiss artist: Werner Schmidt

@ Studio Mauve Pictures

Making of Studio Werner for Web.jpg
Dec. 4. 2020

Shooting @ Studio Mauve Pictures 

"OM Cosmetics"

New Xmas Line up

Schlitten 3.jpg
Inhalt 1.jpg
Schlitten 1.jpg
Dec. 2. 2020

Shooting @ Studio Mauve Pictures 

"Sponsoring Clips" SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers

Agency: Localmedia

Nov. 3. 2020


"Sios Homebrewing" tutorials

Sios Vimeo Still_1.89.1.jpg
Sios Hahn_1.4.1.jpg
Sios Gläser_1.18.1.jpg
Oct. 28. / 29. 2020

Shooting Art Portrait

"Bergell vis à vis"

For the legendary Swiss artist: Werner Schmidt

Stills Bergell_1.4.1.jpg
Stills Bergell_1.55.1.jpg
Stills Bergell_1.14.1.jpg
Stills Bergell_1.70.1.jpg
Stills Bergell_1.47.1.jpg
Stills Bergell_1.42.1.jpg
Stills Bergell_1.49.1.jpg
Oct. 4. 2020

Nature shooting.

For an upcoming fashion project.

Some impressions.

Flower_1.22.4. mit.jpg
Flower Blue_1.27.4 mit.jpg
Mauve Night_1.28.43 mit.jpg
M[rtschen from Da Vinci_1.8.1 mit.jpg
Hiltisberg from Da Vinci_1.1.3 Kopie.jpg
Loge from Da Vinci_1.9.1 mit.jpg
Sept. 7. / 8. 2020

Colorgrading & finishing.

Corporate architectural movie:"Focus realisiert"

Studio: Mauve Pictures

Agency: Localmedia Rapperswil

Focus Grading.jpg
Aug. 28. 2020

What a beautiful place!

Location scouting and first look tests

for an upcoming fashion project.

Regula Castel Mur Totale mit.jpg
Regula Castel Mur mit.jpg
Regula vor Wandbild.jpg
Casteml Mur from Da Vinci Full res_1.1.1
Aug. 22. 2020

Out now!

"Lascaux The Spirit of Colours"

3 new corporate image movies

for the Swiss premium artist color manufacturer Lascaux.

Aug. 12. 2020


Web Teasers / Hompage movies


Localmedia / Rapperswil

Localmedia Stills_1.2.1.jpg
Localmedia Stills_2.1.1.jpg
Localmedia Stills_1.1.1.jpg
Localmedia Stills_3.1.1.jpg
Aug. 1 - 5. 2020

Beautiful, stunning and colorful Footage!

Editing & colorgrading corporate image movie:

"Lascaux the Spirit of Coulors"

For the Swiss premium artist color manufacturer "Lascaux"

Colorgrading Lascaux.jpg
Thumbnail Lascaux_1.10.1.jpg
Thumbnail Lascaux 2_1.25.1.jpg
July 12. 2020

Shooting session 3 

New architectural corporate movie.


Localmedia / Rapperswil

July 1. - 5. 2020

Shooting corporate image movie:

"Lascaux the Spirit of Coulors"

For the Swiss premium artist color manufacturer "Lascaux"

Lascaux Streched.jpg
June 18. 2020

 Location scouting and first look tests.

For a new corporate image movie.

"Lascaux the Spirit of Colors"

Treppenhaus 2 mit.jpg
Treppe Skaliert1.jpg
Kornfeld Mohn mit.jpg
Kornfeld mit.jpg
Wasserfall Regula Radial Soft.jpg
Wasserfall Sonne.jpg
June 10. 2020

 Already finished. Nature-chillout-movie.

For the new Sunstar Hotel & Wellness Spa @ Lenzerheide.


 The total production process stretched over 8 months. Final runtime 5 hrs.

Now projected on giant screen within the spa area.

Enjoy this short cutout.

Lenzerheide Spa.jpg
June 1. 2020

We are proud!

3 x new Festival Winner (Music Video "Mama")

- Winner Best Director at Los Angeles International Film Festival Awards

- Winner Best Music Video at Top Shorts Film Festival CA

- Winner Best Music Video at Cult Critic Movie International Awards Kolkata India 

Mama 4 K Poster Laurels.jpg
May 16. - June 6. 2020

 Postproduction. Nature-chillout-movie.

For the new Sunstar Hotel & Wellness Spa @ Lenzerheide.


(850 Shots / Runtime 5 Hrs)

Editing Lenzerheide.jpg
May 14. 2020

 Client meeting & location scouting.

For a new corporate image movie.

"Lascaux the Spirit of Colors"

Some impressions

Lascaux Scouting 3.jpg
Lascaux Scouting.jpg
Regula Lascaux_pp.jpg
Lascaux Scouting 4.jpg
May 6. 2020

Nomination. Best Music Video.

 Prisma Rome Independent Film Awards 2020  

"Music Video Mama"

May 3. 2020

Winner Los Angeles Film Awards. Best Music Video / Honorable Mention 2020.

"Music Video Mama" 

Jurors note: "Some heartbreaking moments here! We loved the idea and metaphor. Excellent cinematography."

April 28. 2020

Concept work

New corporate image movies "The Spirit of Colors"

For our trusted client Lascaux Artist Colors

Concept Work Lascaux 2020.jpg
April 27. 28. 2020

Homestudio shooting

°New Mauve Yoga online tutorials"

Yoga Tutorials 2.jpg
April 25. 2020

2. Festival Official Selection best music video for

@ LAFA / Los Angeles Film Awards 2020 

Mama Official 2 Selections.jpg
April 17.18. 2020

 Shooting session 6. Nature-chillout-movie.

For the new Sunstar Hotel & Wellness Spa @ Lenzerheide.


Still Raps.jpg
Raps Still.0000287.jpg
Bl[ten Kohler.jpg
Tonio Nature Davos Serig 2020.jpg
April 10. 2020

Official selection musicvideo "Mama" Roy Lembo. 2020

 Oniros international Film Awards Italy.

April 4. 2020

 Movie of the day.

Experimental "On Air"

Shot @ our hometown Wald 

April 1. 2020

 Shooting session 5. Nature-chillout-movie.

For the new Sunstar Hotel & Wellness Spa @ Lenzerheide.

In the reeds

Walensee Fischer Still_ mit.jpg
Schilf 5.0000640.jpg
Schilf 4.0001586.jpg
Schilf 6.0001378.jpg
Schilf 2.0002601.jpg
n the Reeds.jpg
March 27. 2020

 Shooting session 4. Nature-chillout-movie.

For the new Sunstar Hotel & Wellness Spa @ Lenzerheide.

Spring time Impressions 

Tonio Field.jpg
Osterglocken for Diary Stretched.jpg
Kapelle Betlis Streched for HP.jpg
Regula Bloom from Da Vinci Last_1.25.1.j
Regula Gras mit.jpg
Bloom Da Vinc ohne.jpg
March 20. 2020

Corona times

Homestudio shooting

°Mauve Yoga online tutorials"

Yoga Studio.jpg
Still Tutorial Kirsche_1.6.2.jpg
March 7. 2020

Shooting session 2 new architectural corporate movie


Localmedia / Rapperswil

Fabian Still.png
Fabian Da Vinci 3_1.21.1.jpg
Fabian Da Vinci 4_1.18.1.jpg
Feb. 23. 2020

Finally out now!

"Mama & Settle Down"

Our new music videos for the singer - songwriter Roy Lembo

Feb. 15. 2020

After one week of extensive research & brainstorming.

It's finally done.
New screenplay for Schulthess Klinik corporate image movie.

Screenplay Schulthess Image Making of  S
Feb. 11. 2020

 Shooting new corporate user tutorial.

For our trusted client "Colltex Swiss Climbing Skins"

@ Glarus / Switzerland

Col tut 1_1.1.1.jpg
Col Tut 4_1.4.1.jpg
Col Tut 2_1.2.1.jpg
Col Tut 3_1.3.1.jpg
Col Tut 5_1.5.1.jpg
Jan. 30. 2020

Successful customer meeting & location scouting @ Schulthessklink. 

For a  new "Rocket Science" exoskeleton movie.

T R Schulthess_1.1.1.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 09.25.56.png
Jan. 23. 2020

 Shooting session 3. Nature-chillout-movie.

For the new Sunstar Hotel & Wellness Spa @ Lenzerheide.

Frozen Woods / Some Impressions

Jan. 6. 2020

Equipment prepping

for our upcoming movie projects.

Hello 2020!

Equipment Prepping 2019.jpg
Jan. 1. 2020

Trailer New Year


Mauve Pictures 2020